Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

103, breezy

i went up to the corner store to get a soda and some nag champa. the guy there is so nice to me.

when i woke up this morning, doc was out running errands, and he had made coffee. such a nice quiet morning. he got home at eleven thirty and went to work on a project.

we have yet to go up to the pool so he can get some books on his kindle. turns out the free wifi here is just up at the office and pool. joy. oh well, he can do that while i swim. or just get some sun. my lower arms are tan, but the rest of me is lily white. i'd like to at least even out my arms so i don't look so silly in tank tops.

plus i want to try out the wifi feature on here, the laptop.

felix won't let me pet tech anymore. every time i do, he comes up and gets in the way and meows at me. when i take tech out on the lawn, felix stands on the balcony and howls at us. it's funny. today i had tech on my lap, much to felix's consternation, and i put the laptop on the couch and turned on the webcam so it was pointed at tech and me and tech actually watched himself on the screen getting petted by me. he stared at it for a solid minute before losing interest in it and went back to getting loved and hugged by me. it was so cute. they can't figure out mirrors, but a webcam is no big deal.

i fed fred twice last night. by eleven the dish was empty so i filled it up again and when i checked it this morning, he had eaten half of it. hungry kitty. i got a good look at him the other night. he's tiny. like he's about a year and a half old. he must have been left here by some inconsiderate moron. he has jack's eyes and nose, but he's much younger than jack. he and felix play by the scooter at night. then fred wanders off and felix comes up to be let in.

M is home, he's been home for a couple of days. he even brought some groceries home the other night. i missed him. it's good to have him home during the day. he doesn't talk much, but he listens when i talk, which i don't do very often. it would be nice to have the room if he moved out, but i don't want him to. i like having a roommate i can trust. and it's nice to have a big burly man around the house. doc's always gone now. i rarely see him. we don't fight anymore, we're never together long enough. it's a peaceful existence. i really have nothing to complain about, i have everything i need and want.

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