Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

but it's a dry heat

and it makes a difference. the humidity has cleared out again and it's a nice 9% today. perfect for 107 degree weather.

i've been watching the UPS tracking site and the laptop is in las vegas, there is a chance it will be here today. which is cool because M is home and he can help me get it connected to the net. ooh i'm so happy.

felix went out twice last night. he must have come in with M this morning. because around 9 he crawled into bed with me. we have a queen sized mattress and a double sized futon on top of it. it leaves a gap at the wall that felix sinks into and stretches out in. so cute.

doc and i didn't fight all weekend. but we just got into one now. joy. he's wrong and i'm right on this one. you cannot wring out potato shreddings in a paper towel. there is just too much liquid. the towels just disintegrate and get into the potato. if he won't let me make them properly, i just won't make them. so he has a little freak out, telling me to just ruin the towels and see if he cares. it's the same towel. it was already stained. and should have been thrown in the rag bag when i saved it for potato squeezing. pffft on him.

he got up on his own and made his own coffee this morning. let me sleep until noon, when i woke up on my own. i asked him why he didn't wake me up, and he said, "for what?", to make him coffee. he kind of laughed. he is capable of making his own coffee, today's pot was really good. he doesn't need me. that's a relief. i don't like being depended upon. it makes me nervous.

my cheek swelling has gone down. i may be able to get my root canal this week. the pain is much less. the insurance cleared it. only five hundred out of pocket. that's a laptop. dentistry is expensive.

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