Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i cleaned the litter box and vacuumed. and sat around. i have laundry to fold but i don't do that until i go to bed. it's kind of a habit i'm comfortable with.

i'm taking a new medication called viibryd. i'm taking it along with pristiq, another anti depressant. and it seems to be working. the only problem is that my prescription coverage doesn't cover it yet. i had a similar problem with invega, an anti psychotic that was really working without side effects, the coverage on it was big, but it was still $200 a month. not a medication i could afford. and i'm one of the lucky ones, i have coverage, good coverage. if i were without meds, i'd be on the streets by now. which reminds me that i need to make a shrink appointment to get new scripts for the next three months and figure out what we're going to do about the viibryd.

i have to get up at 9 tomorrow so i'm awake enough to go to the dentist. with the swelling still not going down and my every attempt to empty the pus out of the infection fails. i'll be going in, he'll look at me, write the scripts and send me home before i get my breath. then when doc gets up he can go and get the meds for me at the pharmacy. it's too far for me to walk. the drug store that was within walking distance is now a Fresh and Easy. a great store, owned by Tesco of britain, they have really great food items that change from week to week and the best hummus i've had since i got here.

i almost dropped chloe's ashes today. they're in a sealed urn, but the urn is glass and if i broke, i would be killed. well, maybe not killed, but not spoken to for a very long time and the possible loss of the new laptop. he's giving it to me, he can take it away if he wants. he's not like that, but this is chloe we're talking about. he loves that cat, even dead, than he loves me in his own way.

i can't wait to download the drivers for my new video cam so i can upload the movie of the scooter and the pictures of felix. i need to make an icon or three with him. i asked kelli to send back my adobe suite DVD so i can install adobe photoshop on the new laptop. then i have to somehow network it to the old computer, which may be infected with a virus, and get files off of it. like my many gigs of music files. and all the pictures from the digital cams for the past two years. then we can wipe the hard drive of the big computer and put windows seven on it, if possible. if not, i have a copy of XP i can put back on it. none of the USB ports work on it, the volume no longer comes out of the video card, and the sound card is okay. plus, windows media won't play. it's all very weird. i just need one working USB port and i can put the files on DVD instead of the nightmare of networking. i guess i'll figure it out when the laptop gets here and i get all the other stuff installed. including my cameras.

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