Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm bored and restless. i just went in and kind of cleaned off my dresser.

my laptop will be here around tuesday. doc's kindle will be here next week, too.

i'm supposed to have a root canal tomorrow but i don't think the swelling of the infection is going to go down in time. i'll still go in and get more antibiotic and some lortab for the constant pain. i can't keep taking the amount of ibuprophen i'm taking, i'll destroy my liver. don't want to do that, just want to be able to close my mouth without sharp stabbing pain.

i hung up all my shirts and folded all my pants. i just have to be able to get into my dresser to put the pants away. i'm still looking for three pair of pants that i put away and i can't fathom why i didn't put them with the rest of the stuff. this place is such a mess. and doc has started a project that has cluttered it up more. every time i make headway, he stops it. rarr.

is old school scrap booking still a thing? i mean stickers and background papers and rubber stamps and such. i'm wanting to get rid of it all and wondering if i can make a bit of my money back on ebay. not much money. i checked out "scrapbooking supplies" on ebay and it was all just hand made papers and die cuts. i don't have any of that. i just have textured scissors and hole punches. i don't know, i'm sick of knowing it's here.

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