Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i got up early this morning, as did doc. he slept later than me. the phone woke me up, but i couldn't get to it in time. doc and i are getting along well together. he's in no nagging mode. i love it. i get so much done that way.

felix went out last night but came home early. he slept with me this morning but we didn't get cuddle time, though, not the way i jumped up out of bed.

then i saw tech in the doorway. he's home! i don't know if M is taking him back, i hope not. i missed that cat and our outings every day. i have no idea what i'll do when M and us part ways. tech then attacked felix, but hey, welcome home, buddy.

i got a shiny new purple mini HD cam. does stills and video. i took a video of my scooter, once i figure it out, i'll post it to youtube. i also took three of the most adorable pictures of felix. no flash, so no glowing eyes. and the thing is the size of a credit card, or a short stack of credit cards. i found the perfect pocket in my new backpack (doc ordered it for him, but didn't like it and i was getting tired of my messenger bag), where it is safe and easy to get to.

i have to order a memory card that holds 16 gigs. that's as large as the camera will take. the memory cards are super tiny. i almost can't get the silly thing out of the camera. i'm going to order it directly from kodak so i'm sure to get the right one. i'm still not sure what i'm going to use it for, but it was on sale for $40. i saw the sale on tv. good thing i pay attention to commercials.

i have this big bag of clothing that's going to the goodwill, but i'm really having a hard time letting go. we could so easily turn into hoarders. we're almost there now, but you can still move around the rooms in the apartment. there are boxes lining the walls of every room. i'm slowly cutting that down. i want this place clutter free. it would be easier for three people to live here if we have more room to move around. and we have a storage unit that needs to be cleaned out so we can get the stuff we're keeping and put it into storage in a way we can get it back out, say our winter clothes and xmas stuff. then living here will be much easier. and maybe i can keep doc in here until the lease runs out so i don't get into more financial trouble than i'm already in by breaking the lease.

i need to get doc to go through the closet and get his clothes out of there that he's not wearing. i need the room for my tshirts. the pants are all going into my dresser, i'm going to start using it again. as more than a thing to pile stuff on. i have a lot of stuff to put away. but i have a lot of clothes i like, now. and that fit me. and i didn't have to spend any money. though i will go back to Savers soon and check out black shirts. i have three black tank tops and two other black tops that fit me. i need more. all of my black shirts are too big for me. but i'll wear them when i have to because they're cool.

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