Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i was going through the bags in my closet last night, bags of skinny clothes i put away, and i found a bra! and it fits me! i don't have to go buy one now. and i don't have to wear the fat bras unless i'm wearing white, which is rare. it feels so different. confining, but in a good way. i never thought i would so appreciate a well-fitting bra.

i also found a tank top that my late sister left over here. i'm going to wash and wear it if it fits me. there's no point in enshrining a tank top. i may as well wear it and look good in it and be happy, she would have wanted that.

i fell asleep in the couch last night and got a couple extra hours of sleep. so i woke up early today and there was no felix in bed to keep me company. he's in hidey mode. i don't know why. he growled at me when i picked him up this morning, so i don't know what is up with him. he got over the growling fast and nuzzled with me for a minute before i let him down to disappear again. at least he stayed in last night.

today i must finish what i started in the closet. sort out the clothes. winter to be packed up. thrift store donations. garbage. keep and wear (skinny clothes). i found a lot of stuff i'd forgotton about. including my tank top signed by John Doe, telling me to be brilliant. *swoon* stuff like that reminds me i once had a cool life here. maybe i can again. i found my school girl jumpers and my catholic school girl skirt. i have to shave my legs before i can wear them, but i found them and i know they'll fit now.

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