Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the nightmare has faded now, and i can't remember what it was about. but when i woke up and went to the bathroom a couple hours ago, it had me shaken. it had to do with buses. doc wasn't in it. which is good, because he's in most of my nightmares. i don't have many, most of my dreams are wish fulfillment. i think that's one reason i like sleeping so much. though i don't dream when i sleep on the couch during the day. i just sleep then because i can't seem to do anything else.

i guess we're not going to the bank today. it's almost eleven and doc has to leave at one. and he's still asleep. he turned his alarm off this morning. i guess he stayed up late last night.

yesterday he told me again that he considers the scooter to be mine. he's got enough money to get a used truck. once he gets that, the scooter is all mine all the time. he wanted to know if i wanted it upgraded so it would go faster, and i said yes, of course. anything that gives me an advantage out on the road helps, even five more miles an hour. so i have a shiny red scooter. now, if only i had the guts to learn to drive it. i could go to the library without either walking the two miles or spending five dollars on bus fare. i still need the buses for the doctor's appointments. the scooter could help me get out.

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