Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

felix slept on the couch with me today. actually he's been quite clingy. he jumped down this morning and burned his sensitive little paw pads up. he went out last night and i finally found him at the front gate. i carried him home, heading toward the parked security van with all of its lights on, scaring him but he just clung to me harder.

i woke up for rachel maddow and made myself some coffee, sprite, and ice water. you can never have too many beverages. i'm not hungry. i haven't been for a few days. doc and i fought over it sunday night. he said eat, i said no and it went on like that for a while until he stood up and physically lifted me up and took me to the kitchen. where i had cereal, which i promptly threw up. when i say i don't want to eat, i mean it. he can make me eat, but he can't stop me throwing up.

i could not live alone. i will not take care of myself. i will not take care of a lot of things. except the cats. and xena. i will always take care of my animals. i care about them more than i care about me or about doc.

i didn't shave my head today because we're supposed to go get me a bank account tomorrow and i thought i should have hair, no matter how ugly it is. once i get my account, off comes the hair. i just don't want to look crazy tomorrow. i want to look respectable. after we get the account, i'll go in there looking however i want to. i just want to make a good impression at the bank tomorrow.

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