Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

hot and muggy

it got up to 101 yesterday with 40% humidity. it rained all over the valley except here, maybe today it will rain here.

i figured out why i was so sick yesterday, PMS. my meds keep me from any emotional symptoms, sometimes it comes on physically.

this debt ceiling battle in washington is really petting my peeve. the republicans are treating legislation like hostage negotiations. and the democrats, well the democrats are acting like the red headed step child, afraid to make a move. and it's going to come down to august 2, obama setting a july deadline to have it all settled is just words to republicans.

and can i just say that sen. mitch mcconnell scares me. his face is so long and his glasses magnify his eyes and he looks like some sort of genetic experiment that went very wrong. with the bug eyes. scary looking man.

and while i'm ranting, exxon needs to be stopped. the richest company in the history of this country and they are cleaning up a river spill with booms (40 year old technology) and absorbent pads (glorified paper towels). they are rubbing the banks of the river with these absorbent pads. this is the best that the wealthiest company in the country can do to clean up their messes. that and a campaign of misinformation. by all means, let's keep giving subsidies to these paragons of wealth and gimps of responsibility.

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