Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

105 today

yesterday we took the bus to the doctor. we were late, it took longer to get down Flamingo than i thought it would. the appointment was quick, the doctor very nice.

then we went to the dollar store to do some fun shopping with a gift card i had. i got bubbles to play with and some salsa bowls and some other stuff. two coke glasses i didn't have, one shaped like a can.

we took the bus the rest of the way up Flamingo and missed our connection, so we stopped in at Arby's for dinner. we didn't get home until seven.

i broke up a cat fight last night. i was out with tech on the lawn when fred showed up and tech immediately jumped him and started getting his ass kicked. there was orange fur flying everywhere. so i gingerly reached in and grabbed tech by the back so his claws couldn't hurt me and carried him upstairs. then i let felix out to play with fred. he didn't come home until this morning. that's the last time i let him out the front door. he's not to spend all night out, just a few hours to play with fred and then home to bed.

oh, i got sparklers at the dollar store! they're the only fireworks i have. july fourth will be sparkly for me. yay.

doc's up. i'm going to wrap this up in case he actually wants to talk to me in the next half an hour before he has to get ready and leave. some days he talks to me.

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