Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

wow, 103 already, it's only 9 am

i've been awake since five this morning. it's my own fault, i didn't take my sleeping meds last night because i didn't think they were helping. they were. i will always take my meds. so i've been up wallowing in self loathing and working myself up into a perfect snit. now i'm waiting for the deep breathing and xanax to take the snit off.

a political talk i had with M the other day has been stuck in my craw. i was arguing the republicans were trying to take away rights, like reproductive rights and he said he didn't care about any of that. and that's the problem, isn't it? they don't care personally. it has no emotional connection to them, it's just policy. and that is terrifying to me because reproductive rights are not just policy. they're real and they're being stripped state by state. and the white men who call themselves republican don't care. i'm not mad at M about it. he can't help it, he's focused on his policy, i'm focused on mine. can a liberal and a conservative live in the same apartment without driving each other crazy? yes. it just gets lively in here sometimes. frankly i'd rather M was a conservative, he makes me think before i speak.

now i'm feeling better. writing is still the best medicine for me.

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