Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

confusions since i got up. where am i? what am i doing?

i managed to get the coffee made and the doc woken up. i'm watching msnbc like i normally do. and i'm still confused. i don't think it's any vestigial dream remnants. i don't remember my dreams. i remember waking up at 5 in full control of my faculties. i woke up again at 8 and felix came and curled up with me and purred. he doesn't purr often. i got up and got dressed. it was when i came out into the living room that the confusion started.

i'm trying to ground myself by writing. it's working somewhat. i'm starting to calm down. i wish felix was here. he's off sleeping in his hiding place. leeloo sleeps back there, too. it amazes me they get along long enough to nap near each other. leeloo likes to hiss and growl at felix for no reason and he likes to chase her because she acts so aggro.

i forgot to call kelli this weekend. it's weird having doc up all day during the weekends. i'm so used to him being asleep all day. that's why i dreaded the weekend, so many awake together hours. just enough for us to get on each other's nerves. but it wasn't like that this weekend. it wasn't what i would call good, but it wasn't bad. nothing bad happened.

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