Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

104 expected, still no wind

i just ate a lazy cake. they're brownies with melatonin in them to mellow you out. M ordered them online. they taste good. i don't know if they mellow me out any, i'll have to pay attention to that today.

i went out for a walk while it was still 101 yesterday. i drank that soda in record time when i got home, along with a bunch of water. doc's right, the heat isn't as oppressive without the extra weight. still oppressive without any wind or breeze, but not nearly as bad.

maintenance came and fixed our broken water faucet in record time. only one day if you don't count the weekend, which i don't. so we now have hot water in the kitchen again. makes washing dishes much easier. not that i've done that lately. there's one pan that needs to be hand washed. the rest of the stuff in the sink, doc put in the dishwasher today when he got up.

i'm enjoying the shallow and civil thing that doc and i have going. only when it gets personal do we fight. so i keep it light.

he got me a new plant from the dollar store. it's a succulent. a charlie brown christmas tree of a succulent, but it holds on to life, so i'm giving it my best. i'm hoping this one lives.

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