Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

100, no wind

i've changed my mind on weiner, the press isn't letting it go. it's time for him to resign. this has gone too far.

when doc got home last night, feral cat and felix were playing on the steps. so feral cat is definitely the one coming up here to eat the food we put out. we hatched a new plan to trap him. i fear he's too smart for the trap. he or she. doc now thinks it's a she. we're trying to come up with a gender neutral name for it so we don't just call it feral cat.

i'm finally getting a checking account the day i go to the doctor. i can finally use my paypal account again. it's been unverified for three years now.

i can also pay my own bills. and get doc a kindle for his birthday. which he jokingly told me i would not be able to use because i'm meant to walk up to the library.

i want to go for a walk and go up and get a soda at the deliciously freezing corner store. but it's just too hot out to go out in skin tight black jeans and a black tshirt. this summer i'm giving in and shaving my legs and getting some shorts.

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