Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

flirting with triple digits for the first time this year

after finishing "tale of the body thief", i found my stash of anne rice books today. i don't remember "memnoch the devil" at all, so i'm reading that next. i need to walk up to the library and see what other treasures i can find. now that it's getting hot, i want to go wandering around. but doc is right, now that i'm thin i can tolerate the heat better. and there's not so much of me to move around. i don't even get winded going up to the corner store anymore.

speaking of, i walked up there last night at sunset and it was beautiful. the sky here is so huge, even though we're in a little valley. and it turns the most amazing oranges and purples and azures and it's just, wow.

i'm having my girl time right now and i'm waiting until it's over to see if my breast goes back to normal when the hormones die down. then, if i need to, i'll call a doctor.

i saw feral cat last night. he's not skittish around the stairs anymore. he just sits at the bottom and waits for felix. doc let felix back out last night when feral cat came by and felix spent the whole night out. he was waiting for me when i opened the door this morning, and i've never heard him purr so loud as he was. he was very affectionate, which he usually isn't when he comes home at night. i checked him for injuries and gave him a clean bill of health and then he went off to hide and sleep for a few hours. at least i let him in before it really got hot.

it's too hot to go out in the sun today, and i'm meant to take pictures of happy meal toys. out on the lawn. ugh. i think i'll stay inside and clean the house up a little bit and read a lot.

the rachel maddow show this week: i heart larry flynt. i love that he offers rewards for those who come forward with political sex scandals. i love it for many reasons, one of which is the way he handles it. it's not a tabloid like thing. they want documented proof and such things that give credibility to the claims, they're not just interested in paying anyone who claims impropriety.

i also don't think weiner should step down. and i think the media should stop saying that sexting is weird. it's a natural evolution of the technology we have. the more the media, even the liberal media and especially chris matthews (who is a madman, by the way) would stop making it out to be some weird perversion like he was caught with an animal or something. can you imagine the moment of sheer panic when he realized he sent the photo out on twitter? who hasn't pressed the wrong button when sending things electronically? maybe not pictures of their privates, but some electronic faux pas. i imagine that moment of panic and see how it easily led to the lies. but he came forward, maybe not until he realized he was in too deep, but he came forward. if there are ethics issues, like using government resources for his fun, that is another matter, for the ethics committee to deal with. but calls for his resignation, especially from republicans who didn't call for vitter to resign. that infuriates me.

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