Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i kicked doc in the face in my sleep this morning. i'm still getting used to him sleeping in the bed with me.

last night at 11 i took the garbage out/looked for felix. i walk all the way down to the dumpster, no felix. i dump the trash and turn around and there's felix, meowing. so i told him to come with me and he followed me all the way back to the apartment, meowing all the way. he's so cute. sometimes he ran a little ahead of me then turned around and meowed at me, i guess to hurry me up, and when we got to the stairs, he raced up them to the door and meowed at me some more. sometime during the night he slept with me. and then appeared when i got up, while tech was hassling me to take him outside.

doc got my happy meal toys out of the closet on the balcony. thursday, after they cut the grass, i'll take them outside and photograph them in preparation for putting them up on ebay. it's a huge hassle, but i only have to do it once. and for all the money i'll make, doc will match it for new clothes for me. so i can get bras that fit and unders that don't slide down. yay!

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