Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

wind advisory with no wind

i finished "blackwood farm". i feel lonely now. i always get so absorbed in anne rice's books, except the erotic collection. i'm not even into vampires, really. i just love her story telling. and the way she wraps things up without closing the door on another adventure comforts me. the only other anne rice book i could find of mine was "tale of the body thief". so i'll start reading that tomorrow or maybe even later tonight.

M suggested that when we catch feral cat we just take him to the shelter for them to deal with, but i'm terrified they would put him down. no matter how shabby his life is compared to a housecat's, it's the life he knows. if he is feral, and not just a stray, he won't be helped by being in a cage until he's declared unadoptable and put down. if we get him fixed up and release him, he'll have his life and won't add to the population, or pass on his way of life. i feel very strongly about this, but i'll talk to doc about it tomorrow. i welcome any and all opinions regarding this. i guess the only practical thing to be considered is the cost, but if doc's willing to spend the money, so am i.

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