Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

mild 80s, cloudy

i got up at 9 today and doc stayed up until 11. we talked about all sorts of things. getting to the library, riding the scooter and how the scooter is mine. we talked about my aborted lesson the other day and went over again what i did wrong, which was plenty. we discussed the mountain bike that douchebag bought me, which i keep saying we should just get rid of, but doc wants me to have a bike. then we had a lively political discussion and i learned that i've been absorbing and understanding the liberal news i've been watching. it was a fun two hours.

my second rosebush has died. i transplanted it, kept it watered, even used a water meter, and still it died. this place is toxic. he said he'll keep getting me plants to try with, he knows how happy it makes me when i can keep a plant alive. in our house in parksburg we had a lot of plants because we had a lot of windows with very deep sills. i even kept a violet alive and blooming. i kept it in the bathroom window, just enough light and plenty of humidity. i told doc nothing else that flowers, please. keep it to the leafy greens, i seem to have more luck with them.

we've decided to capture feral cat, get him fixed and vaccinated and patched up and then set him free again. i'm not up to the challenge of resocializing a cat in this small place. plus tech wants to kill it and that will cause a problem. we just want to get it tested so we know what to test felix for. and setting it free and feeding it outside seems the most humane thing to do. when we are ready for a new cat, we will go adopt one from a shelter. it's the best thing for all.

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