Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

cloudy, breezy and 80s

as well as the book i bought at savers, i got two pair of jeans and two tshirts. when i got home i forgot about one of the tshirts. one of them is stretchy and black and tight and looks great on me. the other is tshirty fitting and has what looks like ticket printing silkscreened on the front, covering the whole shirt at a jaunty angle. one pair of jeans is a dark pair of levis and the other a pair of "skinny jeans". i haven't worn these since the 80's fad. these are hand sewn and they fit me perfectly. i actually found two outfits that make me look as skinny as i want to look. i have come to terms i look better in clothes than not. it's much easier to find cool stuff at the thrift store when you're thin. i never used to be able to find anything.

i went for a walk around the complex last night looking for felix. he was up by the pool. he ran from me at first until he figured out it was me and not some stranger with his name. then he came to me and meowed the story of what he'd been up to. and i pet and cuddled him all the way home. he's been staying with me in the evening and then when i fall asleep on the couch, he escapes. clever kitty. so i won't miss him until i wake up, if then. i may just go to bed and then he can stay out all night and come in with doc in the morning. last night i was reading and generally ignoring him and god knows what time he took the plunge off the balcony.

i don't think sarah palin is stupid. i think she is confused. fame and politics both can really fuck your head up, she's dealing with both. she needs to quit while she's behind.

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