Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

80, partly cloudy

doc left the bedroom window open, so i awoke at 11 soaking wet under my two blankets. i took them off and got hit by the fan and it felt dreamy. speaking of dreams, i had a really good one last night that i can't remember. all i know is that i woke up in a good mood. doc stayed up until quarter to twelve. he'll be fun at 4:30 when i have to wake him up. he mentioned that he did take a nap this morning. that will help. his schedule goes back to normal in june. that doesn't change my schedule too much, though it means we'll be sleeping in the same bed at the same time again. that shouldn't be a problem. the cats will be all confused, though.

cats, i know we had some, i can find no sign of them now. leeloo is hiding somewhere as always, jack is hiding because he was bad all morning and got scolded a bunch of times and felix is hiding, sleeping of sleeping with me last night. i wonder if i move around less when he's next to me in bed. or if i still kick and move my legs around. i guess doc will be able to tell me in june.

weekends suck. no rachel maddow, no top gear. plus the world didn't end yesterday, which means i have to vacuum today. ugh.

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