Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and the birthday continued

today i got a closest to real philly cheesesteak that you can get anywhere near my house. and i got chocolate ganache cake from trader joe's. i'm stuffed. i even went for a walk to walk some of it off because i ate the whole cheesesteak over the course of an hour. well, felix and i shared it. he didn't get much, though, i was greedy and hungry.

thanks for the birthday greetings. both on here and on facebook. they meant a lot.

it's 4:30 and doc just went to bed. he'll sleep until midnight. oh wait, he's not in bed yet. he'll be getting up when i go to bed. worth it. wonderful day.

i was going to take a nap, but i went up and got a soda instead. now i'll just nap later.

i've stopped eating kraft products because they give to right wing causes. a meaningless gesture, but one anyway.

and i don't think i'm ever moving from nevada, we're one of four states not passing stringent and oft times ridiculous pro-life legislation restricting access to abortion. not that i'll ever be having another one, i just believe they're important rights to preserve.

that's all i'm spouting about today.

have a good end of the world tomorrow. remember, earthquakes promptly at 6 (in each time zone).

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