Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i made it to 42!

doc accidentally woke me up at ten something. i got up shortly after. i made him stay up and now he's asleep in the chair in here with me. he sleeps pretty soundly. he was too tired to go out, which is okay. i don't mind staying in today, though i may walk up and get a soda later.

i got a card from doc's parents. and a bunch of facebook "happy birthdays" from many people i either don't know or don't remember. it was nice. an email box full of email for me instead of just spam. like i said, it was nice.

i've been trying to get a hold of kelli all week. she's been working late and didn't have her regular day off. and the time change really fucks me up. i go to call her at 8 and suddenly realize it's 11 there and she's in bed. today i am determined to get her on the phone. i want to hear why she's working late and what's going on with her. i haven't talked to her for a week. or more.

i'm sending doc out for cake tonight. no candles or anything, just delicious cake. we might get pizza tonight, though i may derail that and order a cheesesteak from angelina's. i just finished my pizza from last weekend for breakfast. so i'm a little sick of pizza. maybe a stromboli or calzone. something different than pizza slut. i might have tuna for lunch. that's always popular with the cats. and i'm all about being popular with the cats, which is why we're out of catnip.

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