Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

cloudy and cool

what a fun morning. doc was in a wonderful mood. i got up at nine so we had two hours to play around. we played with the cats. gave them catnip and got out the magic wand toy. got every cat but leeloo involved. it started with catnip, which makes felix aggro. so i took out the toy we have to keep hidden and went ape shit with it. doc and i taking turns playing with the cats. we're trying to get felix used to doc so he pays more attention to him. doc gives him treats and pets him and loves him, but felix only has affection for me so far.

last night there was a cat fight outside. two ferals fighting. i just hope the one we catch is the right one. we'll have to look for the sore on its side.

xena the hamster gets cuter every day. we continue to work with her and spoil her. using food to get her to trust us. she doesn't seem to know she's nocturnal. she's running her wheel right now. all perky and playful. she comes up to the front of the cage when i call her name. i know she's just responding to my voice and not her name, but it's a start.

doc and i watched the jon stewart/bill o'reilly showdown last night. we watched it on youtube today because i didn't tape it last night. good interview. jon managed to keep old bill quiet, a feat to be sure. i wonder what the interview was like without the editing of the fox crew. the point he made about bono and bob dylan was right on. i like stewart on the news shows, he's so articulate and knows his shit, he can hold his own with the impossible papa bill.

god what a fun morning. i can't believe it was only two hours. i wish it was his day off so he could have stayed up later. it's so rare he's in that sort of mood. funny, easy going, laughing. to see him smile is rare.

i'm still losing weight. i pulled my jeans down without unzipping them and asked doc if i could have new jeans for my birthday in two days. he said as long as i pulled my pants back up immediately, we could go to savers on thursday and get me new jeans. jeans that fit, hooray! these fall off as i walk now. these are the smallest jeans i have. i also need underwear and bras but i'll deal with that later. jeans are more important.

i've given up on my printer search for the time being. all the ones i can find that i want are wireless hookups. i don't have a wireless network. i need a USB connection. and i can't seem to find one. i've been concentrating on lexmark and kodak for the ink prices, but they're all wireless. it's very frustrating. i need to go to a store and look at them. ask someone questions, maybe get some answers. maybe i'm being naive and USB is so standard they don't list it, they just list the wireless feature. i don't know.

i got the new monitor hooked up last night. it's huge. i may have to change the resolution on it. the picture is really near our faces, because the computer table is narrow. it's beautiful. not bad for a free monitor. it may encourage me to play on that computer more.

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