Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

sunny and chilly

a nice cool day in the desert. perfect for tourists. the strip should be buzzing today.

i've been writing private entries the past few days and am amazed at the stuff i hold back on here. i thought i was being pretty free in my entries. i mean, i am, but there are still things i can't or won't talk about. mostly dic. i talk about him a lot here, yes. but there's more to say that should be said in private so no one can judge him. i just want to get the things down. writing about it makes me feel better and makes the obsessive thoughts go away.

things went well this weekend. no fights. and i made it through sunday. i have a whole week to gear up for another one.

felix and feral cat got into a fight last night. we have the trap. i just need to call the vet and maybe an animal shelter with vet services. we have to get this cat checked. i forgot to feed him last night. i fed him this morning. doc brought some small gourmet wet food to use in the trap. it's a small trap, i hope it catches all of him. if he keeps his legs outside the cage, he'll be able to back his way out after the trap is set off. i guess we'll see.

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