Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

lucid moments

when i complain about doc, there's one important thing to remember, i'm crazy. my perception of reality is not up to par. most of what he does is just to survive and take care of me. i don't like his techniques, but they are effective. doc may not love me anymore but takes very seriously his "duty" to take care of me. he's my federal guardian for a reason and i can't begrudge him that anymore. i must try to be more reasonable with him and not test him to his limits the way i tend to do. i don't do it on purpose, i just get backed into a corner, so i think, and i lash out. then i come in here and tell my side of it. not giving a thought to his side of things. and i've been applying far too much emotion to him. far too many ulterior motives that he just doesn't have. he's not trying to make me crazier. he's trying to make me better the only way he knows how.

and that's it for being lucid today. it's been quite enough.

let's talk nag champa. it is an incense made in india with a distinctive red, white and blue box. the sticks are the best. it's a light blend of everything that smells good in the world and we love it. especially me, nothing calms me down faster than some burning nag champa. for kicks we will buy every nag champa knock-off that we find, just to see what it smells like because we know it won't smell like nag, and it never does. the generic doc got this week is a floral and spice incense that i'm loving. it's not my nag, but it really has a delightful scent. so if you want to try out the nag champa, go to a head shop or a smoke shop and get it in the red, white and blue package, but after you've done that, try the generics you find at target and walmart. you might find one you like better.

mitt romney is a giant mormon hypocrite. i fear for him becoming president. we don't need a forked tongued mormon leader. he passed healthcare in Mass only to decry obama's healthcare, which is much the same. if he's willing to so publicly flip flop on that issue, which issues has he changed his mind on that he is keeping quiet? my only consolation is that he doesn't have a chance. i don't even think the right wingnuts would vote for a mormon.

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