Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

cloudy and mild

last night was beautiful. the clouds reflected the lights of the valley so the sky glowed all night. i sat transfixed, staring out the sliver of window at the sky and the features of the hill that were lit up. i hope the clouds last long enough today to do the same thing tonight. another reason i love clouds here.

anyone seen the end of Insidious? last night M brought it out for me to see and we watched it but the end was missing. massive frustration, i actually stayed awake for the whole thing. so if you know the end, please clue me in.

it's eleven thirty already. i've been up for two hours.

i just got a call from the apartment office, they need a copy of our renter's insurance. i'm going to have doc call when he gets up (the policy is in his name) and have it faxed over to the office because we don't have a fax machine. this apartment complex is such a pain in the ass. my main issue with this is that doc is not going to be happy about having to do this. and that's not really my problem. it's not like he'll sign the lease. he can at least do this.

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