Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

not that bad out hot and breezy

i took tech out on his leash to eat some grass. he ended up laying down and rolling over for me to fuzzle his belly. so we were hopelessly cute for a few minutes in full view of anyone who happened to look out their window. i'm enjoying spending time bonding with tech. it doesn't make him chase leeloo or felix any less, but it's quality time with another living being. i don't crave the company of humans, mostly, but i do with cats. and dogs.

there's a cute black wiener dog that lives nearby that is borderline abused. i would have smacked his owner the other day if she hadn't been 13. she picked him up by the skin of his back to keep him away from me. all i was doing was petting him. after she put the dog down, she kicked it. i want to steal the dog, but i won't. if i find out what apartment they live in, i will report them to animal control. i find the dog out in the afternoon, wandering around the dog lawn alone, and i stop and pet it. it shows signs of being abused, behaviorally. but it's never wounded. i don't like most of the people i'm surrounded by here. most of the people are unfriendly and some are downright rude. and it seems to be a majority. i can't go out to get the mail or take the trash out without running into someone unfriendly. i guess i can understand it with some. those who moved here after losing their house. they would have good reason to be bitter and not want to be friendly to other renters. but the people who are used to apartment living should at least be cordial to each other. don't even get me started on those who leave pets behind. that's where i think feral cat came from, i think he was left here by an owner and turned feral. that's why i think i can tame him.

my big debate today was orange powerade or orange juice? since i woke up. even before i finished my coffee i was thinking about it. but then my allergies went off while i was outside with tech, making my throat hurt just a bit. so no orange juice, powerade it is. not as good for me, but i'll have juice later. once my allergies die off for the day. this is the first year i've had allergies. there's an olive tree in bloom outside our front door, it gets to me this year. don't know why. kelli says allergies can just start up like that. and it's not that severe. some sneezing, sore throat and a stuffy nose. but it doesn't last long and so far i haven't had to take anything for it.

i just watched obama give a speech in front of the troops. biden stood behind him for the speech. i wonder if they made him stand so he'd stay awake.

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