Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

not as hot as they said it would be

the a/c is still running, which means it's 86 degrees in here. but outside it's only in the mid 90s.

i took tech out to the dog lawn to eat grass for a while. i got a little more sun.

they turned the water back on early so i finished my soda and made coffee.

when i got up this morning, tech had puked all over the floor. i knew it was tech because it was all milk and only tech drinks milk. M, to my surprise, cleaned it up. much to my relief, too. it looked like a mess. that's why i took him (tech, not M) outside for some grass. make his big fat tummy okay.

i'm all restless now from being active this morning. i actually can't wait for doc to wake up and put me to work. i'm going to take him coffee at three. hopefully he'll be up by four. i actually feel like hanging out with him today.

i left some canned food out for feral cat last night and someone came up and ate it. also ate most of the dry food we'd left out. if we can get feral cat up here to eat, it will be easier to trap it. because the trap is definitely going on the porch. i guess doc is going to get the trap this weekend. i have phone calls to make about where to take it, i don't know if my vet has any experience with ferals. there has to be a different way to treat them so the vet doesn't get hurt by an angry cat. though i don't know, once it's trapped, it may become meek. that's wishful thinking, but hey.

i can't decide whether to have a tuna sandwich or mac and cheese. or nothing at all. i could have eggs in a variety of ways, but i really don't want to deal with the mess involved. tuna is easy and quick and it makes the cats happy. the bread is soft and fresh still and i tried the tuna last night and i like it. plus i have cool ranch doritos to munch on as well. okay, i've talked myself into it. time to eat.

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