Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

90s with nary a breeze

so they're not releasing bin laden's death photo. how long until they're leaked, and with all the fake photos floating around, will we ever know? the point is moot. i agree with obama on this one.

doc was still up when i got up. no anxiety. erg. starting tomorrow, he's off. we'll see if we get through the weekend without killing each other.

we've been trying to lure feral cat up the porch with food. so far, no good. doc is going to get a humane trap at home depot this weekend. then i have to call the vet and see if they have any experience with feral cats. if not, the animal shelter. where maybe i can get him vet treatment and re-release him to me. i have to find a tshirt that i don't mind getting torn up and wear it for a couple of days so i can put it in the trap when we get him. i want him to get used to my scent immediately.

we have to decide what is too much. when we decide if he's too wild to tame and release him back on his own. if he's not too wild, but prone to outbusrts and we are sure we are keeping him and he is keeping us, we may have him declawed. at one point, all my cats were declawed. now it's just leeloo. we were too broke to have it done to jack. and felix hasn't even had his shots. his previous owner had him fixed.

one fear we have is that he is infected with something that will be dangerous to the cats. that's the first thing we have to have him tested for and if he has something incurable that will make his life and death miserable, we'd have to have him put down and that would break our hearts. then we'd have to have felix and the other cats checked. this could end badly. but we feel we are doing the right thing. this cat that has befriended my cat, needs help. we have it in us to give it that help. so we have to.

M and i went to roberto's last night and had our usual political discussion while we waited for our food to be ready. he's such a conservative. i love battling with him. him with his right wing lunacy and me with my liberal lunacy.

i should be taking a nap now but the coffee is actually keeping me up. doc is sleeping until 4 since he went to bed so late. which i'm cool with, his getting up at one or two is a little disconcerting. he's up long enough to make a mess and bug me with little tasks. i like being left alone. when he gets up after 4, he has too little time to do either of those things plus he's half asleep. grumpy, but not lucid enough to be his usual pestering self. pester, that's a good word for what he does. he never stops pestering me. again i'll say, i like being left alone. i like to do my chores alone, without him watching over me and correcting everything i do. or going back and doing over what i've just done, usually to the same result. my mom used to follow me around when i was cleaning the house and redoing everything i'd done. this sort of thing just triggers me. my attitude gets foul and doc tunes into that and a fight ensues. fucking ridiculous.

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