Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

warmer and warmer, 90s return

i've been reading up on socializing feral cat. seems easy enough, just requiring patience. we can do all of this. i can be home with the cat to take care of it, and make sure he's left alone to get used to the new surroundings. i can be the constant face and voice in the rehab of this cat. you don't know how grateful i am to doc for this. a project where i get to love something.

no anxiety this morning. a joy to be sure. i woke up when doc got home and got up to shut the window as he shut the window. felix was being my cuddlekins all morning. last night i went into the bedroom and heard him meowing. i called to him a couple of times but couldn't figure out where he was. i went out front to see if he was meowing below the open window, but he wasn't out there. i went to the bathroom sometime later and heard weird noises coming from the closet in the bedroom. he was trapped in there, having snuck in some hours earlier. i set him free and he made a beeline for the food. like he'd been away for days.

doc said feral cat was on the porch this morning. he ran from doc, but tech was out and feral cat was about to jump on him, so doc had to intervene. M will not be happy with us bringing in a stray if that stray beats the shit out of his cat. tech's a beefy animal, but against a feral/stray, i don't give him the odds. and odds are everything in this town.

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