Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

sunny and mild, high in the 70s

i wish donald trump would find something else to crow about or just shut up. he's not really going to run, he'd have to be crazy to give up his lucrative jobs to run the country for four years. can you imagine trump releasing his financial information? i can't. to me the birther thing is a non issue. the media keeps bringing it up. they won't let him talk about anything else. it's wearing on me. but not enough that i turn off the news channels.

i also think it's time to kill the leaders of libya. we're not saving anyone. well, nato isn't. misrata is a slaughtering field. and nato hasn't been able to protect civilian one there. we even lost two reporters. well, a journalist and a photographer. the whole thing is sad. the fighting, the killing, the general uselessness of nato.

i'm usually afraid of offering political opinion here. not afraid so much as uncomfortable. don't get me started on republicans. where are the jobs?

i've been watching MSNBC and i'm starting to think i'm a liberal. i haven't researched it, i don't know all about it but i really agree with their news show people like rachel maddow. she follows stories i'm interested in and i really identify with her perspective on the world.

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