Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i have a headache

every night around this time i get a headache. i have no idea why.

it's been a quiet day. doc was friendly enough when he got up. he's not going to be so forgiving tomorrow when he finds i didn't do my chores. but i'll deal with that tomorrow.

the a/c went off a couple of times this afternoon which means it got into the 80s outside. we have the thermostat set at 86 which is about when it gets uncomfortable in here. keeps the electric bill down, too. i've also been sleeping with the bedroom window open, keeping it nice and cool in there.

tech is chasing felix around and beating him up when he catches him. poor felix, he's got to stop running from tech, who has no choice but to follow.

my lack of short term memory is amazing to me. i watch NCIS almost every night, and every marathon they have. i've seen every episode by now, but because my memory is so bad, they're always new to me. i recognize some scenes but can rarely put together a whole episode in my mind. so even though i've been watching it all day, there's only been two episodes i remembered well enough to turn off. or try to sleep through. i haven't been able to get much sleep here on the couch today.

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