Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

hoppy Easter!

i still have part of my chocolate bunny left. i started eating it on wednesday. that was/is my easter. i asked for a chocolate rabbit and i got one. and not one of those fake chocolate ones, either, but real chocolate. it's nummy.

i was dreading sunday but there's an NCIS marathon on, so that will keep me entertained. we're in the middle of a netflix cycle, so we have no movies. i could try writing but we all know what a joke that is. the passion is gone. my best stuff is when i'm off my meds. and i can't do that, so it's kind of done on the writing front.

it's a beautiful day outside, upper 70s, low wind and wispy clouds. good day for easter egg hunts. kids must be having an awesome day here in the valley.

i went out and found felix the night before last. he was right outside playing with a fluffy orange cat. i called him and he came right to me and up the stairs to the apartment. last night he stayed in, much to my relief. he always comes home in a good mood, the exercise is good for him but i really don't like him jumping off the balcony. i guess he's mastered a way to do it so he doesn't get hurt. he's around here somewhere sleeping. it's afternoon nap time.

nap time sounds like a good idea. i can doze for an hour and then make doc's coffee and get ready to get him up. he promised me bacon western cheeseburgers, but i'm not expecting it to happen before work. i expect he'll bring them home in the morning. i look forward to my cheeseburger days. he first mentioned it yesterday and i've been craving it ever since.

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