Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

summer preview, 90s, calm

my hamster, sasha, died last night. doc buried her outside. too much death. too much sadness, i can't stand it. i shouldn't have pets, i can't deal with parting with them. as much joy and comfort as they give me when they are alive, their deaths are so intense.

i had to go out and find felix last night. i don't know where he was, but i caught him following me and brought him home. the first thing i did this morning was call him out of hiding to make sure he was home. he came to me, but since i didn't have cheeseburger, he didn't stay. now i have no clue where he is again. likely hiding out sleeping.

M went out last night and never came home. that's not like him. i'm a bit worried. i'm sure he'll come wandering in this afternoon and go straight to bed for a while.

i'm so bored. the tudors is on bbcamerica so i have that on. but i'm just not that into it today. i don't even want to sleep. i don't know what i want to do. maybe i'll go for a walk . . . no, it's too hot. drat. i don't have any cool walking clothes, just jeans, doc martens and black tshirts. i think i'll shave my legs this summer so i can wear my dresses. and maybe even buy some shorts. i also need tennis shoes or to find my sandals. i will not suffer while outside this summer. how hard can it be to keep my legs shaved? i ask this because i can't even keep my head shaved, i'm sporting the rachel maddow hair now.

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