Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

sunny and mild

i got to have the bedroom window open all night, it was wonderful. i love it when the window is open. there is a constant parade of cats to check it out and felix came to cuddle with me while i was still awake. he was in the house all the time yesterday. i put the laptop down to go out and look for him and there he was at my feet.

i've been having great dreams lately. all manner of wish fulfillment dreams. the kind i don't want to wake up from and end up spending an extra hour in bed every morning.

i feel pretty good today. yesterday was a bad day. today is definitely a good day. even though it's sunday. i've been hating sunday so much, it's been going really fast and before i know it i've gone to sleep and it's monday. monday is workable, it's shorter and easier to deal with.

we're not moving. we're supposed to go up and sign our lease. same cheap rate as last year. i still have to clean out the apartment. that will make the next year more tolerable for doc. we can get our finances in order and afford to move right. plus it gives doc more time to get his license. i have one more year to get my shit together and learn to drive the scooter and get out more and not be such a fraidy cat. irrational fears are meant to get over.

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