Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

overcast and warm

a month ago doc found a pair of jeans in his stuff that fit me. they are carpenter jeans so they are really baggy and made me look fat, i hated looking at them, but they were comfy as hell. then they started falling off of me when i walked or stood up, so i went back to my other jeans which fit much better than i remember. and they don't slide off me. it's time for me to go to Savers soon and pick up some more jeans and maybe a pair of shorts for the summer. i have short dresses i can wear, but that will involve a new commitment to shaving my legs. i just don't want to be hot all summer. usually i hate shorts, but i think i'm over it now that i'm not fat anymore.

felix got out again. he obviously has no fear of jumping off the balcony anymore. he got out last night and i found him up near the mailboxes. he got out again sometime early this morning and i've been around the complex and can't find him. we have to get him a collar now, so no one calls the pound on him. the only way to keep him home is to cut off the balcony for all cats and that's where they get their fresh air and bird watching recreation. chloe used to go out and lay in the sun and bake her brain. she'd come in and her little head was so hot.

last night i asked doc if i could make a necklace for chloe's cremation tag. he said yes but a moment later said he didn't have to like it. so i'm not going to do it. i don't understand why he'd say yes if he didn't like the idea, but there you have it.

i don't feel right today, maybe it's the stress of felix missing. that and the general anxiety over the trashed kitchen. it took me almost an hour to clean it yesterday and i woke up this morning and doc had trashed it again. when it's a fight with stuff just to make a pot of coffee, it sets my entire day off on a bad note. time to go look for felix again.

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