Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

71 degrees, cloudy

we got a sympathy card from the animal hospital today. it was signed by everyone in the office. i couldn't even finish reading it. there was a lovely poem on the front of the card that made me tear up and i just got weepy from there. that was really nice of them. i guess she made an impression when she was there for three days. she was so darling and affectionate with them, the doctor fell in love with her.

first thing this morning i took the garbage out and got the mail. even before i had totally woken up or had my first cigarette. i don't know why, doc asked me to do it during the day sometime and i just put shoes on and grabbed the garbage. it was a really nice walk. in the 70s, overcast, but clean air from all the dust clearing out during yesterday's wind storms. i should go for a walk every morning when i get up to get my blood flowing. maybe i'll need less coffee.

M is snoring. i need to talk to him about moving and see what his plans are and if he wants to move with us and where he wants to move and all that rot. doc has me talking to him because he thinks we get along better. we do hang out more. especially lately. it's cool. i've missed hanging out with him, he's funny and friendly and easy to talk to. but i try not to talk his ear off about anything. i don't want to annoy him.

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