Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

headed to a cool down, mid 50s

this has been a nice mild winter. one that makes me glad i moved here.

of course it gets cold at night, as evidenced by the cold hand on the back of my neck when doc got home at five thirty. scared the fuck out of me. i hadn't taken the board and fan out of the window so he was mad enough to wake me up and yell at me then tell me to go back to sleep. fucker. when i got up a few hours later i tried not to still be mad at him, i didn't want to start anything. i try not to stress him out before he goes to bed. and before he goes to work, come to think of it. i'm walking on eggshells all the time. hmm.

aside from the shaved patches on her leg and back, chloe doesn't look sick anymore. she sleeps about as much as the other cats during the day and night. except the boys, felix and jack spend a couple hours beating each other up a day.

i watched most of the grammys last night. got to see all the performances i wanted to see. missed the beiber, duh. didn't want to see him at all. it was a nice show. doc knew as much about it as i did. they must have had it on in the break room at work.

the worst of the med switch is over and this new med is doing quite well. it doesn't deaden me, though it does make me a bit sleepy. coffee seems to counteract that. or i dose on the couch, either way. it has cut my appetite back to zero. i'm hoping the other side effect i get is a cessation to menstruation. i could do without girly time every month. that was the one thing i loved about haldol. no periods. and no appetite.

happy valentine's day everyone. everyone should be my valentine because i don't have one. doc hasn't said word one about it and i know he's not the type for sentimental or spending money on flowers. plus, in his mind he has no valentine, either. he doesn't want one, i don't think. i'm not sad over it. he ignored our anniversary again in january. besides, three days of him making coffee for me is better than flowers or chocolates any day. it says more to me.

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