Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

cloudy and cool

our version of winter is returning this coming week. joy. i was hoping beyond hope we'd have a mild winter. maybe the cold won't last long.

i had a nightmare this morning. i woke up from it. i was in pittsburgh and it was winter. that's all i remember. i got up to chloe following doc around the kitchen. so she's doing better, she likes to come out to stretch her legs, and still goes into the kennel when she wants to sleep. she's not eating enough. i tried getting her stoned on catnip, but she won't eat it either. so that's not helping at all, though the rest of the cats, also nipped, have been making pigs out of themselves at the food dish.

the dreaded sunday will go off nicely today, there is an NCIS marathon on all day and all night until 11. this makes the time go faster. and during one i've seen too many times i will go in and shower. and maybe shave my head. that needs to be done. so the dreaded sunday isn't so dreaded today. i have to go to bed early so i can get up and ready to go at 9 tomorrow to get my glasses. that's what's supposed to happen. it's good to have a plan.

doc went and got me two cheese steaks last night. i have one to eat today. not that i think i will, i'm still full from last night's. this place we found makes them almost authentic and i crave them occasionally. that's one thing i miss about philly. that and indian food. i haven't found an indian place since i got here. i watch gordon ramsey make his curries and other indian treats and just drool. i made a pretty decent lamb curry a couple of months ago. i need to do that again soon. i'll have to ask doc to get me some lamb. and some more curry powder. and some more chili powder. we're still searching for garahm masala (sp) to use in curries. it's a spice mixture.

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