Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i snapped at doc this morning. he woke me up and started yapping at me again and it got me all stressed out so i got up before 9 and grabbed chloe's kennel and told him to have a nice sleep in a rather nasty tone. he stopped me and talked soothingly to me and i calmed down. the xanax i took didn't hurt that process. i just can't believe i went to the nasty place with him.

chloe continues to improve. she wants her independence back in the worst way. at the same time, though, she is sleeping a lot still. but she's also eating a lot and taking her medication without problem. doc shaved some of her back to make the sub cue fluid giving easier. so now her paw is shaved from the iv at the vet and a big irregular shaved patch on her back. very grunge. she still isn't grooming herself and is in desperate need of a bath. but we won't give her one until we have another warm streak, 70s. of course we could just put her in her kennel and turn the space heater on her until she dries. i think she'd feel better with a bath, not during the bath, of course, but after she got dry and discovered she's cleaner.

i think we're going to pick up our glasses this week. thursday or friday. i can't wait. i know i've been saying that and have still managed to wait, but i feel i can wait no longer than friday. i'll be able to see so much better. doc will expect the house to be spotless after this. he's been using my eyesight as an excuse for my overlooking some stuff that he finds obvious. but i'll be able to see better!

i'm having my take a nap/make coffee argument in my head. i think i'll make the coffee. napping is overrated. at least that's what i hear from non-nappers. doc's a napper, he sees the benefits. but he also sees the benefits of coffee.

chloe is growling in her sleep. unusual. silly sounding.

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