Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

just sitting here sucking my thumb

it's been a long time since i found myself doing that.

doc accidentally kicked me in the chin while i was getting out of bed (i have to climb over him to get out of bed and we sleep head to toe). it wasn't that hard but it was no way to start the day and it just made me angry at him all over again. last night was miserable. i knew it was going to be when he told me he was thinking of staying home. like an ass i encouraged him. i don't know why i think it will be different, but he hates me and it is apparent when he does anything. i'm so conflicted. we fought over a piece of chocolate last night. i wasn't supposed to eat the chocolates that came. i knew i wasn't supposed to pig out on them and brush my teeth when i had one. but according to herr doc, i wasn't supposed to eat them at all and having one led to the berating of my life. he told me i knew this. and if i forgot, wasn't that convenient. not knowing how to respond to his sudden anger, i just shut down.

it's all so stupid.

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