Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

back to the 50s

the sun is out and it's warming up a bit.

no shakiness this morning. no panic. just a nice morning for waking up and being part of the day. felix was super cute this morning. but he got up before me which prompted me to get up. that was a little over an hour ago and things have been running smoothly since.

by the end of the month i will have new glasses. this makes me so happy. our eye exam is friday morning.

some time this weekend we need to clear off the porch. we're moving in a few months and i want to move as little stuff as possible. less to pack, less to unpack. i don't know how my mom and dad moved so much. i know my mom hated it. but she did it anyway. i've accumulated a lot of stuff since i've been in vegas and i really have to go through and thin it out. i want to do the porch first so i can put boxes i pack out there.

i didn't shave my head last night. doc stayed home because he was sick. we watched season 2 disk 1 of Weeds. i love that show. we should get the second disk later this week. we cut down our netflix account. i don't know the details but we won't be getting three disks at a time anymore. which is fine. i just had a movie sit here for a month putting off watching it and it turned out to be something completely different than what i thought it was. so it could have been out of here a long time ago.

why don't i take care of myself? shaving, showering, shaving my head, all of it seems overwhelming. i can't even cut my nails without a big work up to it. they say it's because of the schizophrenia. whatever. it's bugging me. it's all so much. that's why i shaved my head, i couldn't deal with my hair anymore. it was long and naturally curly and damaged and a big pain in the ass. all it did was tangle up and it hurt so badly to comb it out, no matter what conditioner or detangler i used, it hurt to comb it out so much i cried every time. if i could afford to have my body waxed, i'd do it.

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