Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

chance of sprinkles

we got through xmas without killing each other. it was actually fight free. we got along well. he bought wood so we could have fires in the fireplace all weekend, it was great. the cats loved it, taking turns stretching out in front of the fire and warming their bellies. since the ventilation fan was off to keep all the smoke from being sucked into the room, i smoked near the fire and got some belly warming time myself. i gorged myself on petit fours and pizza from xmas eve. it was nice. there was a doctor who marathon on bbcamerica all day and all night. i think i turned doc off to doctor who forever. i also watched the first season of weeds, it's a great show. doc was right, i'm really into it. i can't wait to get the next season from netflix.

now is the time to focus on the new year. maybe some resolutions this year. i made last year's, i lost the weight. i'm still not sure how i did it. but it happened. doc telling me on our tenth anniversary that i had really let myself go may have had something to do with it. lot's of water, yogurt and bananas.

what am i going to do with my treatment this year? learn to ride the scooter and go back to therapy? i really like that idea. my new year's resolution is to learn to ride the scooter.

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