Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

my new crown looks pretty

doc and i spent about two hours together today. he was civil. i tried to be. i don't know what to do with that. it makes me nervous because i'm afraid at any moment i could trigger him to be an ass. i can't even relax when he's being nice because i'm waiting for the sudden ending to it.

now i'm waiting for his break to see if he gets my message and calls me on his break in the next hour. he gave me incomplete instructions and i need clarification. this will likely piss him off, but i had to know the answer.

i got my christmas present i asked for from doc unceremoniously this morning. a six pack of black fitted man socks. girl socks wear out too quickly. and i'd worn through all of his old socks that he gave me. they're comfy and they fit with my doc martens. that's all i wanted for christmas. it would have been nice if he'd have wrapped them, but i get it. he wants to distance himself from the holiday as much as possible. it's lucky we never had kids, he's horrible about holidays.

felix has gotten smart and started sleeping on doc's empty side of the bed at night. he moves over to share my space once doc gets home. though he's started loudly trying to wake me up in the morning. which so far has not woken doc up, but i don't want it to so i have to try and teach felix "shhhh".

it occurred to me that i did accomplish something this year, i lost 100 pounds. still not entirely sure how i did it, but hey, i'll take it.

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