Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the year's going to be over soon

this is just now occurring to me.

i managed to stay out of the hospital this year. i don't think i'm speaking too soon, i have plenty of meds. my expectations for the holiday are low. things are looking good toward the end of the year. the only challenge i have is seeing my nana and my parents. and i can blow that off if i want. no one's making me do that or making me answer the phone. christmas is about giving. my gift to doc this year is my sanity.

what will 2011 bring? the freedom of the scooter. consequently a return to my therapist. a move in spring, that will be big. scary new things. but good things. will i get any saner? will i still stay quiet? that seems to be working out really well. with few exceptions i only talk to him when he talks to me first. it will be a quiet holiday. he's barely talking at all. i got him into Weeds and he's been watching the early seasons online. gives me plenty of almost alone time. he has wireless headphones on and doesn't move from the computer very much.

i went to bed at three this morning and got up at four in the afternoon. tonight i go to bed at 2, and set the alarm for 2:30 so i can get up and get the coffee made.

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