Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the holiday season is definitely here

in two days i will put up my tree and some lights outside. i'm craving random baked goods. lucky the kitchen is way too cluttered to do any baking. i would end up putting all that weight back on. nom nom nom

i've been staying up all night but i think that will change tonight. today i actually slept through to my alarm. and alarm waking me up equals panic and that was unpleasant. it made for a manic "morning" of getting coffee into me and nicotine in and out of me. not two stressful activities and lucky there was a full pot of coffee left over from doc last night. i'd just rather wake up before the alarm. damn that felix, he's so cute and purry and cuddly in the morning i don't want to get up and disturb him so i fall asleep again. today i just slept right to it. nope, don't like that. i'm definitely not a fan of the snooze button, each one is a panic attack 9 minutes away. argh.

so tonight, in spite of the late cup of coffee, i'm going to try to go to bed before three. i end up getting sucked into bbc world news. with the accents and exotic stories and lack of punditry can keep me sucked in for hours. and i end up not going to bed until four or five. i'd like to just switch my schedule, but doc doesn't want me to.

i just buzzed my hair again. yeah, it was looking funky. i have a nice skull, may as well play it up.

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