Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i made it through another sunday night

i woke up terribly early today, though. if there wasn't a torchwood marathon on BBCamerica, i'd likely be asleep again. as it is i'm up and medicated. and pretty pleased about it. i'm not bitter. i woke up and doc was speaking to me in whispers i couldn't make out and it was very dreamlike and induced a panic in me. so i went straight and took my meds. now i've calmed down. thankfully.

i'll enjoy this mellow for a while and then make myself some coffee. i'll let it brew while i'm cleaning the kitchen, doc trashed it. i don't know how he can do that so quietly but not load the dishwasher. it confuses me.

kitchen cleaned, coffee brewed. a half a pot (two of my mugfuls) all to myself. if it doesn't wake me up, i give up and will sit in the coma chair where i can catnap, instead of the couch where i'll just pass out for hours. but i have a feeling the coffee will do the trick.

i think doc said something about me having to move back to the bedroom and i said i'd do it tonight. it will be nice to sleep stretched out for the first time in days. and to sleep without my clothes on, that will be nice. i just have to mellow out about the two hours i sleep in when doc is in the bed. i think i'm going to write him a letter that he'll never see to get all my feelings out. that's a project for when i wake up more.

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