Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

gawd i hate sunday nights

i'm bored again. there's nothing on tv but meet the press. i'm wide awake and don't really want to go to bed soon. but i may out of loneliness, and boredom. i'm having a panic attack . . . so i guess i'll wait for the xanax to take effect and see how i feel.

okay, the xanax has kicked in and i've clipped my nails. i feel better. maybe i should go take a shower. no, i'll do that tomorrow after i work out on the balcony. i didn't do it today and i'm determined to do it while doc is asleep, so tomorrow it is and i'll shower after that. even though it will be chilly i'm sure i'll work up a sweat moving shit around and taking stuff to the garbage.

i'll buzz my hair off tomorrow before i shower, too. the natural curl is just coming out on top and it looks pretty dumb.

the morning news shows are coming up in a couple of minutes. then i can just wander through news stories. ooh, there's an interview of bono about a human rights activist's release from custody somewhere unpleasant. i can learn and drool at the same time, gotta love that.

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