Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

a beautiful night's sleep

i stayed in bed until 1:30 this afternoon. i cleaned the kitchen after i took my meds but before i'd gotten my head together. so i don't really remember doing it. i know i got the vinegar into the rinse cycle in time. which is all that matters in doc's world. i know he was up at noon making pancakes. he will not be easy to get up this afternoon, his sleep schedule is all off.

i made a new dentist appointment for next tuesday. this is to finish my crown and also have him evaluate the next tooth i'm getting drilled because it's causing me much discomfort. which i could use as an excuse for being bitchy, but i think i'm just naturally bitchy. as much as i try not to be, i'm a whiner, a complainer. i can't say anything positive unless i think it out in advance. i can't just riff off the top of my head and come out with sunshine and rainbows. call it a character flaw.

the yappy dog is out, i love the yappy dog. i love its bark. yap yap yapyapyap yap. i just want to go out and make it bark. don't get me wrong, i love a good deep throated woof just as well, but yappy dogs make me smile and bigger dogs scare me just a bit. there are only a couple of large dogs around here and their owners keep them on leashes. and for the most part people clean up after their dogs.

i stopped going to chat. i got pulled into some kind of drama and put in the middle and i just stopped going. i didn't know how to deal with the situation, so i just kind of ran from it. i'll go back eventually. after everything cools down. some social shit i just don't know how to deal with. i grew out of drama and it makes me sad to see those who haven't, making their lives miserable over a waste of time and energy.

my new unders are too big now. i'm not telling doc, i'm just going to try to shrink them. it's time to delve into my closet again and find three pairs of pants which should fit me. the last of my skinny pants. two pair that never quite fit, were always too small, so they should fit now. and one pair that's stretch which should just comfortably fit me.

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