Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

mid 80s, no humidity, no wind

at least we're not in LA where it is supposed to be 97 today. eww, 97 in november. don't want any part of that.

i tried to call and see if the inspections were continuing today but no one answers at the office. so i don't know if i should be stressed out about it or not. so i've chosen not to be. i don't feel like being stressed out. so i trusted doc that the inspections were only yesterday and on the 10th, when there is a selective inspection with the lender.

now it's time to start thinking about thanksgiving and what we're going to do. i vote for turkey tv dinners, i haven't talked to doc yet about it. he may get a chance to work overtime on that night. in that case i won't do anything for the holiday. except put up christmas decorations, as was tradition in my house growing up. that reminds me he has to get lights for the tree. there's very little point in putting up a tree if it won't twinkle. it needs to softly light the room at night, glowing as a beacon of happiness.

M is making a mess in the kitchen. i could really do without cleaning up after him. but despite his recent isolation, he's our friend and i like him living here. and if we all keep living together we can afford to maybe find a house to rent in april. i've always hated cleaning the kitchen. but not as much as i hate ironing. which i need to do so doc can have some shirts back. one of my chores i put off and put off until i absolutely have to do. there is nothing i hate more than ironing.

which is why i'm not doing it now. instead i'm getting my 18 hours of tv. you'd think i'd be less discriminating in my taste for tv shows, i'd be much happier if i was, now it's a struggle to find tv to fill the time. last night i finally watched on demand on my cable. i watched the premier of the walking dead. great show. kelli recommended it and it did not disappoint.

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